1% inflation recorded in Armenia in 2017

12.01.2018 13:48
1% inflation recorded in Armenia in 2017

YEREVAN, January 12. /ARKA/. A one-percent year-on-year inflation is recorded in Armenia in Jan-Dec 2017, the National Statistical Service reports.

Prices for foods, sprits and tobacco products rose 4%, while nonfoods and services shed 1.8% and 1.3% respectively.

A 1.4% deflation was recorded in the country in 2016.

According to the official statistical reports, consumer prices rose 1.5% in December, compared with November, mostly due to the 3.6% increase in prices for foods and soft drinks.

Consumer prices in December 2017, compared to Dec 2016 (12-month inflation), went 2.6% up, where foods, spirits and tobacco products rose 5.3% and nonfoods 1.7%, and services slid 0.5%.

In government budget for 2017, a 12-month inflation is projected at 4% (±1.5%) and GDP growth at 3.2%. --0---

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