Arka news agency releases press rating of banks for quarter 4, 2017

12.02.2018 18:55
Arka news agency releases press rating of banks for quarter 4, 2017

YEREVAN, February 12. /ARKA/. The ARKA news agency has released the press rating of banks for the quarter 4 of 2017. The leaders in the past year were Ameriabank, Anelik Bank, Ardshinbank, Araratbank and VTB Bank (Armenia).

In 2017 the overall total index (OTI) of all 17 banks, characterizing the amount of information, depending on its focus, amounted to 3,818.97, a decrease of 34% compared to 2016. The bulk of reports on the banks’ performance was in the second quarter of 2017, which accounted for 29.9% of all relating press reports.

The OTI of the five leading banks in 2017 was 2,337.2 against 4,237.3 in 2016. The top five banks in 2017 accounted for 61.2% of all reports.

Ameriabank accounted for 20.6% of all the reports in 2017. The bank’s own OTI dropped to 786 from 1,278.9 in 2016. Anelikbank’s share in the reports last year was 13.1%, while its own OTI fell to 499.7 from 602.2 in 2016.

Ardshinbank accounted for 9.3% of all reports last year, while its own OTI grew to 356.3 from 105.07 in 2016. Araratbank’s share was 9.1% and its own OTI slashed to 348.5 from 1,340.35 a year earlier.

VTB Bank (Armenia) accounted for 9.1%, and its own OTI in 2017 dropped to 345.9 from 759.32 in 2016.

The leading five banks in 2016 were Araratbank, Ameriabank, VTB Bank (Armenia), Unibank and ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK.

The press rating is calculated based on media reports about the banks’ performance. For more information, see the newsletter "Press rating of banks" # 04 (32), IV quarter of 2017. -0-

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