World Bank continues cooperating with Armenian emergency ministry

20.03.2018 18:22
World Bank continues cooperating with Armenian emergency ministry

YEREVAN, March 20. /ARKA/. David Tonoyan, Armenian emergency minister, received Tuesday representatives of the World Bank’s technical assistance mission headed by Disaster Risk Management Specialist Tafadzwa Dube, the press office of the ministry reports.

The steps taken by the ministry and the steps it is taking now and their results were discussed at the meeting as part of the National Risk Management Program in Armenia.

Technical equipment is provided, the management system is improved and specialists are retrained in accordance with the roadmap presented by the World Bank.

The quality of services provided by the weather forecast agency has been significantly improved through modernization.

The minister stressed the importance of the weather forecast agency saying it plays a significant part in lessening disaster risks, since right forecasts ensures uninterrupted functionality of agriculture.

Seismic security and seismic zoning maps have been worked out. They include detailed description of seismic risks for each of the country’s communities.

The maps will allow updating construction norms and carrying out accurate assessment of seismic risks for construction in the country. --0---

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