Converse bank announces cashback for Argentine wines

25.04.2018 14:01
Converse bank announces cashback for Argentine wines

YEREVAN, April 25. /ARKA/. The Yerevan-based Converse Bank has announced a 25% CashBack for Argentine wines in its partner network as part of “Argentine Wine Week” to be held until April 29.

The bank said in a press release that CashBacks are among the best and most effective loyalty programs to encourage customers. On the one hand, these programs allow customers to get back a part of the transaction amount while shopping, thus saving money; on the other hand, they promote non-cash transactions.

“Converse Bank regularly conducts CashBack campaigns and, in this respect, is one of the leaders in Armenia in terms of the amount returned to customers. It should be noted that we stand out not only for the high frequency of such offers, but also for the return amount - 25% CashBack is unprecedented in Armenia”, the press release said.

Overall, above AMD 260 million has been returned to the Bank’s customers during CashBack campaigns announced by Converse Bank since 2014. Besides, the customers get Converse Points for each purchase, which can be exchanged with gifts in the Bank’s partner network.

“In the nearest future, Converse Bank will conduct other advantageous campaigns, giving its cardholders an opportunity to make profitable purchases and savings”, - it was stated at the Bank.

For details of the campaign and the list of the partner companies, please follow the link

Converse bank’s shareholders are Advanced Global Investments LLC (80.94%), Haypost Trust Management B.V. (14.06%) and the Armenian Apostolic Church (5%). -0-

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