After rebranding Anelik bank is now called IDbank

31.05.2018 10:06
After rebranding Anelik bank is now called IDbank

YEREVAN, May 30. /ARKA/. After being rebranded the Yerevan-based Anelik Bank is now called IDBank. The bank has not only changed its name, but also its logo, brand colors and graphic elements. The new name of the bank will become effective from June 4.

"The rebranding decision was made after the arrival of a new shareholder. We have repeatedly talked about an upgrade and modernization, which were to improve the whole range of our work with customers, boost internal transformation and increase our technological efficiency," said Anelik Bank shareholder Vardan Dilanyan during a presentation ceremony today.

According to him, after a year and a half of painstaking rebranding work, the bank is ready to move forward with a new strategy. The new name of the bank will symbolize its new philosophy of work, vision and values.

"We want to become a technological, innovative bank that will take into account the individual needs of our customers. Along with improving the quality of service, which is a cornerstone issue, we are developing a program of deep digitizing of our business in terms of both customer service and internal processes. This year, we are going to release new interesting products on the market. We are investing a lot of knowledge, force and money in it," he stressed.

Dilanyan noted that the new style of the bank is universal based on the principles of simplicity and convenience. It is modern and easy to remember. He added that IDBank will strive to become the best innovative bank.

Anelik Bank, founded in 1990, has two shareholders - FISTOCO LTD - 59.7% and CreditBank S.A.L. - 40.3%. -0-

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