ACBA Leasing unveils leasing offer for purchase of Nissan Leaf electric cars

08.06.2018 20:07
ACBA Leasing unveils leasing offer for purchase of Nissan Leaf electric cars

YEREVAN, June 8. /ARKA/. ACBA Leasing company has unveiled today a leasing offer designed specifically for acquisition of electric vehicles. The company said in a news release that the offer is a joint initiative of ACBA Leasing and ABC Ani LLC. The latter is engaged in import of Japanese electric vehicles Nissan Leaf. According to the news release, as a result of this cooperation, Nissan Leaf electric cars will become available at Armenia’s secondary car market as well through Green Leasing offer.

The repayment period of the leasing is 3 years, the advance payment is 30%, and the interest rate is 13-14%, if payments are made in Armenian drams. Also, customers are provided with guaranteed maintenance of electronic parts of cars.

‘This is the first leasing program in Armenia designed for purchase of electric vehicles. And naturally, this offer was initiated by the absolute leader in the Armenian leasing market. Purchase of electric vehicles on leasing will be carried out as part of ACBA Leasing’s sub-brand Green Leasing. We have always paid great attention to preserving the environment and solving problems through introduction of energy-efficient technologies,’ said Arsen Bazikyan, CEO of ACBA Leasing.

According to him, by this program ACBA Leasing and its partners are beginning to adapt innovative and environmentally friendly cars in Armenia. He added that as a result of combining the best practices and flexible financing by Green Leasing, customers are provided with the most effective terms.

According to Ara Khachatryan, the director of ABC Ani LLC, electric vehicles have a number of advantages, in particular, 20 kilowatts are enough for traveling 120-150 km. "This means that in daytime, the full charge of the car will cost 800 drams, and in the evening time - 640 drams. In addition, unlike cars with internal combustion engine, electric vehicles do not need engine oil, air and oil filters, DMRV, internal combustion candles and many other expensive items," he said.

He noted also that in Yerevan electric vehicles are exempt from mandatory parking fees, and maintenance is affordable as customers will be provided with guaranteed service of electronic parts.

ACBA Leasing CJSC founded in 2003 is the first specialized leasing organization registered in Armenia. The company is an absolute leader in the market, and one of the initiators of legislative changes in this area. The main shareholders of ACBA Leasing are ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK - 54% and Сredit Agricole Leasing & Factoring - 38%. -0-

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