Swiss Swissquote bank to attract clients from Armenia

03.07.2018 16:24
Swiss Swissquote bank to attract clients from Armenia

YEREVAN, July 3. /ARKA/. The Swiss Swissquote bank said it will start attracting customers from Armenia. Its partner in Armenia is FTH (Financial Trading House) that officially represents Swissquote bank in the country

FTH Director Angin Ghukasyan, said the company will engage in attracting financial resources in Armenia and opening accounts in Swiss Swissquote Bank as well as providing robots (automatic trade systems), thanks to which money in commercial accounts will work.

In her words, thanks to the innovative technologies, introduced by FTH, such as special robots, clients will have passive income from 4 to 8 percent every month from the international financial market.
”The robot engages in market transactions and earns money for you from foreign exchange fluctuations and other fluctuations and exchange transactions,” she said. “The robots will not allow your money to ‘sleep’ – the money will be working while you are sleeping.”

Ghukasyan said that the robot is connected to the round-the-clock server and it is furnished with internet. Its key objective is to increase the client’s income.

Any individual aged 18 and older who has a currency account in Armenia or legal entity. The minimum sum of the deposit is $3,000 (Euro and Swiss Franc allowed).

To use the system clients need to transfer the necessary money to their own accounts in the Swiss bank. Clients will earn money from forex fluctuations and will receive money in Armenia.

The rent of the robot is 0.4 to 0.8% of the deposit, which includes formalization and consulting expenses.
”Swissquote Bank is controlled by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FIMNA), which means that in case of default, customers are insured for up to 100 thousand Swiss francs. On the other hand, the activities of robots and possible financial losses as a result of their work are insured by the London insurance company DUAL, "Ghukasyan said.

She said that FTH started operating in Armenia three years ago. The company has passed a quite complicated way to win confidence, and the number of its clients has increased significantly over the past 1.5 years.

Ghukasyan refrained from pointing any particular figure, but said that the number of the clients has already exceeded one hundred.

“We work not only with Armenian market – we have clients from Austria, Armenian residents who are citizens of other countries and clients from Russia,” she said.

Artsvik Minasyan, Armenian economic development and investments minister, said that Swissquote Bank’s appearance in Armenia shows confidence in the country.

This means that Armenia’s economy will get not only access to new services, but also an opportunity for a wider turnover of financial resources.

“This not only opens new financial and economic room, but also improves Armenia’s reputation and increase investors’ confidence, which allows marking the country on the world financial map,” he said.
FTH (Financial Trading House) was established in 1999 and became one of the flagship companies in the global financial market.

The company has been providing intermediary services to Swissquote Bank since 2015.
Swissquote Bank is one of the biggest Swiss online banks, which has some 300,000 clients all over the world. M.V.--0---

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