“Manana” teas export geography doubles over one year

12.07.2018 17:31
“Manana” teas export geography doubles over one year

YEREVAN, July 12. /ARKA/. Organic herbal teas of Armenian origin, “Manana”- are becoming more and more popular in THE European countries and are emerging into new markets, the company said today in a press release.

It said over a year, the company has doubled the number of countries it exports the teas to, increasing the production by 40%. Taking the high demand for organic products into consideration, “Manana” started exporting thyme and mint teas of Armenian mountains to Great Britain, too.

Over the last year, the world production of tea has enlarged by 6% becoming more than 5 million tons. The consumption of green tea is projected to have the highest rate- 7, 5% annually, which is not least due to the rise of awareness of the benefits of the teas for health and well-being. Herbal teas are getting more and more popular especially among young people seeking to lead a healthy lifestyle. According to the survey by Mintel research on tea and hot drinks, 37% of the British aged 25-34 noted having up to 5 cups of different teas daily at home or at the workplace.

For the preparation of tea blends, “Manana” uses more than 15 types of herbs growing in the highlands of Armenia. Armenian wild thyme and mint have long been famous for not only their taste, but for their healing properties, as well. The great variety of “Manana” products, the unique technology of processing and BIO-certification make the maximum preservation of the useful properties of herbal teas possible: they also strengthen body and have a beneficial effect on it.

Due to its antiseptic properties, thyme has long been used in Armenia for preventing cold, healing sore-throat and lowering blood pressure, while mint is helpful in case of gastric disorders and digestion problems.

“We’re happy that tea-lovers all over the world have appreciated all the benefits of Armenian herbs and are enjoying the consumption of the aromatic and natural drinks.

“Manana” herbal tea pleasantly warms up in winter, tones and quenches thirst in summer, preserving all its useful properties. We are gradually increasing the production and are implementing the international ISO standards for a guaranteed high quality of our products”, noted Zohrab Minasyan, the commercial director of the company.

Besides such European countries as Germany, France and Great Britain, “Manana” teas are also exported to Russia, the UAE and the USA. “Manana” herbal teas may be acquired as in large shop chains as online all over the world. -0-

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