Armenian contract servicemen will be able to seek low-interest rate mortgage loans

23.11.2018 18:54
Armenian contract servicemen will be able to seek low-interest rate mortgage loans

YEREVAN, November 23. /ARKA/. Armenia’s acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan asked today the Ministry of Defense and the Central Bank to look into the possibility of providing low-interest rate mortgage loans to contract servicemen.

The government decided today to increase the amount of monetary compensation provided to contract servicemen for rental of homes at the place of their service. Deputy Minister of Defense Gabriel Balayan said the government’s decision was prompted by complaints of servicemen. He said the amount will be increased by one third.

Balayan said the ministry earmarks every year 2.307 billion drams as rental fee for contract servicemen. Now the government will add another 915.8 million drams thus raising the total amount to 3.222 billion drams.

In this regard, Pashinyan said the government-allocated funds can be used more productively. As an option he suggested provision of low-interest rate mortgage loans to servicemen in the amount of up to 30 million drams .

According to the decision of the government, a contract servicemen’s family comprised of up to 4 members may receive up to 65 thousand drams per month for renting a home in Yerevan. A family with more than 4 members may count on 85 thousand drams. In other towns the size of the assistance is 38 thousand drams and 50 thousand drams respectively. In rural settlements the amount is 20 and 25 thousand drams respectively. ($ 1 - 484.26 drams). --0--

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