VTB Bank (Armenia) launches savings account with interest rate up to 9.5%

14.12.2018 18:53
VTB Bank (Armenia) launches savings account with interest rate up  to 9.5%

YEREVAN, December 14. / ARKA /. VTB Bank (Armenia) has launched today a new deposit product, designed for those of customers who wish to save and increase their money in Armenian drams and have the opportunity to replenish it and withdraw money from the account whenever they want without any restrictions.

The interest rates for the deposit begin from 1.5% to 9.5% depending on terms and the amount.
‘The savings account is a money box with an unlimited term of validity that combines deposit’s security and bank account flexibility,’ the bank said in a press release.

It said the savings account will bring its owner a yield of up to 9.92% per annum, which the client can use at any time. Unlike a term deposit, by opening a savings account at VTB Bank (Armenia), a client can withdraw funds or replenish the account at a convenient time, an unlimited number of times without losing the accrued interest.

The main terms of the savings account are free opening and servicing, no restrictions on replenishing or withdrawing money from the account, no minimum or maximum deposit amount, interest on the savings account is paid monthly to the minimum account balance during the month.

In order to provide customers with greater comfort, VTB Bank (Armenia) offers that customers replenish their savings accounts automatically through its Periodic Payment Order service. When opening a savings account, the client is requested to immediately formalize a Periodic Payment Order, allowing the bank to make monthly, quarterly, etc. automatic payments to the account, using the client’s other accounts such as salary, rent payments, etc.

The larger the amount on the account, the higher the interest paid! The rates on the savings account range from 1.5% to 9.5% per annum in AMD, depending on the term and amount. More detailed information can be obtained at the branches of VTB Bank (Armenia), on its official website at www.vtb.am or by calling 87-87.

VTB Bank (Armenia) CJSC became a participant of the international financial group VTB in 2004. Currently, VTB Bank, the second largest in Russia, owns 100% of VTB Bank (Armenia). The bank runs 69 branches across Armenia. -0-

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