Nor Hachn branch of Converse Bank reopened

25.12.2018 18:54
Nor Hachn branch of Converse Bank reopened

YEREVAN, December 25 /ARKA/. The official reopening ceremony of Converse Bank’s “Nor Hachn” branch took place on December 25, the bank said in a press release today It said the ceremony was attended by guests from Kotayk Regional Administration, Nor Hachn community Administration, representatives of the business community, and customers...

After reopening, the branch will resume its work at 8 Charents Str., Nor Hachn, in more comfortable environment compliant with modern standards.

“In 2019 Converse Bank will continue its policy of expanding its branch network, starting with reopening of the “Central” branch and opening of “Arshakunyats” branch in the beginning of the year. We expect that by the end of the next year the Bank will have branches also in the regions where it is not represented currently. Simultaneously, the works on renovation, upgrading and improvement of service conditions at branches will continue”, - said Converse Bank’s Chief Executive Officer Artur Hakobyan.
In 2019 Converse Bank will continue simplifying its products and services, increasing their affordability, and securing the best quality of customer service.

“Being the first bank operating in Nor Hachn, Converse Bank stands out not only by affordability of the services offered and high quality of customer service, but also by long-term cooperation with the municipality. The relations between Converse Bank and the community administration are based on partnership and friendly cooperation, which is vividly evidenced by the Bank’s support as the general sponsor to the celebration dedicated to the 60th anniversary since foundation of Nor Hachn”, said Gagik Matevosyan, head of the community. It should be mentioned that Converse Bank has 6 branches in Kotayk region.

Converse Bank CJSC was registered on December 20, 1993. The bank's shareholders are the Advanced Global Investments LLC (Argentina) with a share of 80.94%, the Armenian Apostolic Church ( 5%) and the HayPost Trust Management B.V. Company (14.06%). -0-

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