New board chairman appointed at IDBank

10.01.2019 16:09
New board chairman appointed at IDBank

YEREVAN, January 10. /ARKA/. Mher Abrahamyan is appointed as chairman of the Management Board of IDBank.
The Central Bank of Armenia upheld his candidacy on December 19, the press office of the bank reported on Thursday.

Vartan Dilanyan, chairman of the bank’s council, said that Mher Abrahamyan has a 20-year experience in working at the financial sector.

In his words, Abrahamyan not only welcomes key points of the bank’s development strategy, but he is also ready to support their implementation.

“I am convinced that the bank run by Abrahamyan will overcome all challenges and will successfully put quite ambitious strategic objectives into practice,” he said.

Dilanyan also said that Ruben Melikyan, financial director of the bank, who has been acting chairman of the board in the recent 18 months, will be deputy board chairman.

Before this appointment, Mher Abrahamyan was the chief of the central bank’s financial system regulating division.

He has been working in the financial sector since 1999. Abrahamyan has a diploma of the Armenian State University of Economics. After graduating from the university he continued his education at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, and he received the 1st and the 2nd degree CFA certificate.

IDBank was established on July 9, 1990 and registered as Anelik Bank CJSC. In May 2017, the bank carried out re-branding and renamed IDBank. Now the bank has two shareholders - FISTOCO LTD with 59.7% and "CreditBank S.A.L." with 40.3%. -0--

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