NASDAQ OMX Armenia renamed to Armenia Securities Exchange – AMX

18.01.2019 13:22
NASDAQ OMX Armenia renamed to Armenia Securities Exchange – AMX

YEREVAN, January 18. /ARKA/. NASDAQ OMX Armenia Stock Exchange has been renamed and rebranded to Armenia Securities Exchange – AMX, the head of the exchange’s marketing and communications unit Parandzem Avagyan told ARKA.

She said the renaming was made by the decision of the supervisory board of NASDAQ OMX Armenia as part of its new strategy.

In her words, the new name better reflects the company's mission and will help it to more effectively implement its strategy.

She said the Armenian Securities Exchange will be represented in the region and around the world as Armenia’s financial hub. She added that the exchange also expanded its team and for the first time in 20 years has changed its location, moving to a new modern office.

“The changes are significant and we are now switching to technological re-equipment of the exchange,” Avagyan said.

NASDAQ OMX Armenia OJSC was founded in 2001 as a self-regulatory organization based on the voluntary association of 21 dealer companies. In early November 2007, the stock exchange was reorganized into an open joint stock company.

Since January, 2008, all shares of the exchange have been owned by NASDAQ OMX. In June, 2009, the Stock Exchange became the owner of 100% of the shares of the Central Depository of Armenia. -0-

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