Armenian banks report record high profit

22.01.2019 19:13
Armenian banks report record high profit

YEREVAN, January 22. /ARKA/. Armenia-based banks closed 2018 with a double-digit growth of the main balance sheet indicators, according to their fourth quarter reports.

The banks gained the record high profit over the past five years. In particular, their net profit amounted to 62.2 billion drams, up from 34.8 billion drams in 2017, having increased by 78.7%. Out of 17 operating banks, 16 banks completed the year with a profit.

By the end of the year, the banks’ total assets totaled 4.963.5 trillion drams (an increase of 14%), while lending in 2018 increased by 16.25% to 3.071.3 trillion drams.

The banks’ total liabilities at the end of 2018 amounted to 4.192.4 trillion drams (an increase of 14.57%), while the liabilities to customers grew by 11.2% to 2.840.3 trillion drams. Their total capital amounted to 771 billion drams, having increased by 11.3%. ($1 - AMD 485.11). -0-

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