Banks’ lending to organizations shrinks 0.61% in Armenia

06.06.2019 19:00
Banks’ lending to organizations shrinks 0.61% in Armenia

YEREVAN, June 6. /ARKA/. The loans provided by banks totaled AMD 3 235.3 billion in late April 2019 after growing 1.1% or by AMD 35.1 billion over one month, the Central Bank of Armenia reports.

According to the central bank, the loans provided to residents grew 1.49% to AMD 3 001.9 billion, of which AMD 1 459.2 billion have been lent in drams (up 3.9%), and AMD 1 542.7 billion in US dollars (down .69%).

The lending growth in April was significantly due to the loans provided to households, which grew 3.84% or by AMD 46.4 billion over one month to AMD 1 254.6 billion in late April.

The loans extended to organizations shrank 0.61% or by AMD 9.2 billion to AMD 1 518.5 billion.

Lending to non-profit companies totaled AMD 110.6 billion showing a 0.5% decline and to other financial organizations AMD 118 billion (6.7% growth).

Lending to non-residents amounted to AMD 233.3 billion (3.68% decline). ($1 –
AMD 479.79). -0---

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