Man who has taken loan by submitting forged papers to face trial

24.06.2019 23:13
Man who has taken loan by submitting forged papers to face trial

YEREVAN, June 24. /ARKA/. Armenia’s Investigative Committee reported Monday about completion of the criminal case over a 52-year-old man, who had taken a loan by submitting false papers of a contract serviceman.

It has become known thanks to an investigation that before doing that, the offender applied to a number of financial organizations to borrow money, but was denied a loan because he had no permanent job.

After that, in autumn 2018, the man bough a false paper of a contract serviceman and a false reference with a seal that he earns AMD 229,460 every month. Then he applied to one of credit organizations in Yerevan and formalized an AMD 300,000 loan.

Upon completion of the deal the man returned the false evidence to the person from which he bought the paper.

The wrongdoer is charged with forging and using stamps, seals, forms and number plates. He is left at large, but with travel restrictions.

The criminal case with an indictment is sent to the court.

The investigators are doing whatever is necessary to track down a person, or persons who have made and sold the false evidence. ($1 – AMD 477.5). -0--

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