Unibank revises upward interest rates on its flexible time deposit

25.06.2019 13:34
Unibank revises upward interest rates on its flexible time deposit

YEREVAN, June 25, /ARKA/. Unibank said today it has revised upward the interest rates on its Flexible time deposit, making them even more profitable for depositors. According to a bank’s press release, in case of placing a deposit in Armenian drams the interest rate is 9%. The interest rate for deposits in USD is 4.5% and for deposits in Euros is 1%. The special offer will be effective until June 10, 2019.

The bank said also that the Flexible deposit offers not only high returns, but enables depositors to take also advantage of additional opportunities, such as replenish the amount, to convert the currency during the entire term of the deposit, as well as to partially or completely withdraw the interest after 91 days since the signing of deposit contract.

The contract for Flexible deposit can be formalized in any of the bank’s 49 branches. The minimum deposit amount is 50 000 drams or USD/EURO 100. The deposit term is 365 days.

Unibank explained the rise in deposits by the confidence of the population in its services, as well as by the profitable and flexible terms. By the end of the first quarter of this year, the volume of time deposits at Unibank exceeded 100 billion drams.

Unibank was founded in October 2001. Its main shareholder is UNIHOLDING GG LIMITED. In 2015, the bank was reorganized into an open joint stock company.-0-

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