Armenian Securities Exchange demonstrates growth across almost all asset classes

14.08.2019 17:20
Armenian Securities Exchange demonstrates growth across almost all asset classes

YEREVAN, August 14. /ARKA/. AMX Armenia Securities Exchange said today that during the last six months it demonstrated growth across almost all asset classes.

According to its press release, compared with the H1 of 2018, interest towards corporate bonds has grown. If in 2018 the nominal value of corporate bonds was AMD126 billion, this year it has grown by 27%, reaching AMD160 billion.

Concurrently, the trade volume has surged by 41%, making 12.5 billion drams, while the number of transactions has risen by 10.7%. The growth in the number of listed bonds is 20% increasing from 60 to 72.

The corporate bonds to liabilities ratio has grown by 0.28% during the first half of 2019.
Unlike corporate bonds, government bonds show less growth. The volume of issuance has decreased by 5.57% though the number of transactions has more than doubled.

The number of transactions with the State Treasury System has also gone up, including transactions concluded on online platform. This shows that investors more and more tend to buy and sell securities without any broker, having the opportunity to trade anytime and anywhere using their mobile. In 2019 AMX conducted the largest auction of government bonds in the last few years.

The largest issuances of 2019 were those of Ameriabank with AMD 38.3 billion, ArmSwissBank with AMD 22․3 billion and Converse Bank with AMD 13․48 billion.

The number of Repo transactions has also doubled, reaching 217 from the previous 85 transactions. Repurchase agreements are carried out between two financial companies and one side is obliged to resell securities to their counterpart within a specified agreement period and terms.

In the course of two years the traded volume of stocks has changed slightly, demonstrating an increase of 11.61%. -0-

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