In 2019 august Armenia's 12-month inflation was 0.6 percent

06.09.2019 10:06
In 2019 august Armenia's 12-month inflation was 0.6 percent

YEREVAN, September 5. /ARКА/. In August 2019 consumer prices in Armenia increased by 0.6% from the year before, according to the National Statistical Committee (NSC). Moreover, according to NSC, in August 0.4% deflation was recorded compared with the previous month of July.

At the same time, in late August of 2019 the eight-month year-on-year inflation was 1.8%. NSC said prices for foods and non-alcoholic products in that time span grew by 2.9%, despite the 1.2% deflation in this group of goods in August as opposed to July. When compared to August 2018, the prices were down by 0.3%.

Prices for alcoholic and tobacco products over the 8 months increased by 4.2%. Compared with August 2018 - by 4.5%. Prices for shoes and clothes increased by 4.1%, for utilities by 0.2%, for health services - by 2.1% and for transportation services - by 0.3%.

Also, price growth was recorded in such areas as education (1.3%), restaurants and hotels (1.9%), various goods and services (0.5%). At the same time, in January-August, deflation was noted in such areas as communication (0.5%) and leisure and culture (2.3%). The government's GDP projection for 2019 is 4.9%, the inflation projection is 2.7%. -0-

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