Armenia's third quarter inflation was 0.9 percent

25.11.2019 10:46
Armenia's third quarter inflation was 0.9 percent

YEREVAN, November 25. /ARKA/. The 2019 third quarter inflation in Armenia grew 0.9% from the same time span of 2018, the National Statistical Committee (NSC) said.

According to official numbers, in the first quarter the inflation grew by 1.5% from the first quarter of 2018 and in the second quarter it was up 2.5% respectively.

The NSC said also prices from late December 2018 to late September 2019 fell by 2.1%. Moreover, at the end of March 2019 the inflation was up 2.6% from 2018 December, while at the end of June 2019 it was up only 0.1% from December 2018.

Also, consumer prices in October 2019 when compared to September 2019, increased by 0.6%, while compared with October 2018 they increased by 0.9%.

According to the NSC, in October 2019, when compared to October 2018, the prices of food products and soft drinks did not change. At the same time, prices for alcohol and tobacco products increased by 4.7%. Prices for clothes and shoes increased by 2.2%, and utilities grew by 1%.

Healthcare prices grew by 1.6%, public transportation fees - by 2.4%, education fees - by 3.7%, restaurant and hotel prices went up by 2.1%, and prices for various goods and services by 0. 5%. Communications prices fell by 0.1% and prices for culture and leisure by 1.1%. -0-

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