“C-Quadrat Ampega asset management Armenia” launches CQ Armenia Growth Fund

28.11.2019 17:13
“C-Quadrat Ampega asset management Armenia”  launches CQ Armenia Growth Fund

YEREVAN, November 28. /ARKA/. CQ Armenia Growth Fund said in a press statement today that it offers its investors to have an exposure to a transforming and growing economy of Armenia – a frontier market country with democratic form of government, macroeconomic stability, low inflation and modest deficits and external debt.

It said the main investment objective of CQ Armenia Growth Fund is to provide investors with long-term growth in asset value by investing up to 25% of fund assets in equities, equity funds and equity-equivalent instruments, and the remainder in bonds, money market instruments, deposits and other assets. At least 60% of fund assets are to be invested in the Armenian Dram (AMD) denominated securities.

CQ Armenia Growth Fund is designed to address the investment aspirations of individuals and institutional investors both from Armenia and abroad who seek to earn solid income on their investments by participating in development of the Armenian economy. The Fund provides investors with the opportunity of geographic diversification and attractive investments in local currency bonds and equities.

The fund is an opportunity for the company to expand its client base to the foreign markets and bring portfolio investments into Armenia, serving our mission of developing the local financial markets. The fund’s portfolio composition mirrors the C-Quadrat Ampega’s Conservative Pension Fund, which has over AMD 117 billion (around EUR 200 million) assets under management and more than 250.000 investors - active pension contributors.

“We are confident, that currently, Armenia has a high potential to attract investments in the Armenian economy both by local and foreign investors, taking into account the factors such as the country’s democratic governance, human capital, stable macroeconomic conditions and a growing financial market. More diversified drivers, including Armenia’s increased investment rating, contribute to building confidence and developing inclusive economy, further enhancing the country’s attractiveness for foreign investors and Armenian Diaspora in particular” stated Ernst-Ludwig Drayss, “C-Quadrat Ampega Asset Management Armenia” Chairman of the Board.

“Advancing the growth, C-Quadrat Ampega Asset Management Armenia has the pleasure to announce that it expands its funds product line to offer a new investment fund in Armenia. We are optimistic about the new prospects that the CQ Armenia Growth Fund will entail and anticipate that the product becomes popular not only among the local investors but also among foreign investors, considering the return it may offer”, - said Arman Vardanyan, Chief Executive Officer of C-Quadrat Ampega Asset Management Armenia.

C-Quadrat Ampega Asset Management Armenia is an asset management company established as a joint venture between C-Quadrat Investment AG (Austria) and Talanx Asset Management (Germany). Since 2013 C-Quadrat Ampega Asset Management Armenia manages more than AMD 117 billion pension assets of 258,345 fund participants. -0-

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