Armenia Securities Exchange launched a new government bond auction platform

22.01.2020 18:19
Armenia Securities Exchange launched a new government bond auction platform

YEREVAN, January 22. /ARKA/. Armenia Securities Exchange said today it has modernized the government bond auction platform with totally new QUIK software.

QUIK by ARQA Technologies is a multi-functional system that offers direct access to the market. The software enables brokers to more easily and efficiently deliver their brokerage services to institutional and retail investors.

The platform transforms the placement and buyback processes for government bond transactions. This becomes the first step towards the technology modernization the AMX management spoke about earlier. This latest upgrade was implemented through an efficient cooperation and support of Armenia’s Ministry of Finance, Central Bank and agent banks.

To continue the promised modernization, the system will become the base and platform for developing secondary market and exchange services including the launch of new services. Retail investors using the platform will eventually benefit from direct market access, optimized workflows, and more.
Armenia Securities Exchange has conducted the trading for government bonds since 2008, with bond auctions added to the AMX functions in April 2017.

Armenia Securities Exchange provides a completely automated electronic trading platform and beneficial conditions for trade. Today, instruments traded on the stock exchange include stocks, corporate and Government bonds, currency, credit resources, as well as REPO (repurchase agreements) and SWAP.

ARQA Technologies is a leading financial software provider in Russia and CIS. The company has been developing comprehensive solutions and technologies for automation of all major business processes of banks, investment and other financial corporations. -0-

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