Yerevan resident accused of stealing large amounts

30.01.2020 18:00
Yerevan resident accused of stealing large amounts

YEREVAN, January 30. /ARKA/. Armenia's Investigative Committee (IC) said today it has completed the preliminary investigation into a criminal case that involves thefts through use of computer technology.

According to IC, a female resident of Yerevan, born in 1992, started a fake Facebook page, made friends with a user, won the latter's trust and received a photo of his mother’s ID card. On December 26, 2019, she used her mobile phone to enter a mobile application of a local bank and formalized a loan agreement to the tune of one million drams in the name of that woman. A few days later she received a bank card and cashed the money.

The investigation established also the circle of victims, including 12 people and one legal entity. The preliminary investigation found that from March 6 to May 15, 2019 the girl created a fake Facebook page and published preferential loan offers luring in a group of citizens. The girl was interested in their creditworthiness, focusing on people with a good credit history. Then she got the copies of their passports or ID-cards.

According to the investigation, the girl formalized loans for 11 people totaling 8 million drams. She transferred some of these loans to a card account in the name of another person, which, however, she used, as well as to the account of the mother of the person indicated above.

Based on the totality of the evidence received, the 27-year-old girl was charged with embezzlement on an especially large scale, committed using computer technology. She signed a written pledge not to leave the country pending the end of investigation.

The damage caused is fully compensated during the preliminary investigation, the criminal case with the indictment was sent to court.

A suspect or accused of an alleged crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty according to a court order that enters into legal force in the manner established by the Code of Criminal Procedure. ($ 1 - 478.69 dram) --0--

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