Every 10th internet user in Armenia attacked by banking Trojan software

04.03.2020 19:17
Every 10th internet user in Armenia attacked by banking Trojan software

YEREVAN, March 4. /ARKA/. Kaspersky Lab reported Wednesday referring to its study that 0.16% of mobile users were attacked by banking Trojan software in Armenia in 2019, which is the 10th indicator in the world. According to the study, 0.51% of Armenian users encountered such attacks in 2018, and 0.12% in 2017. According to these data, 0.72% of Russian users were attacked by banking Trojans in 2019: this country has been the leader in this indicator for three consecutive years; many families of Trojans are “specialized” in stealing user credentials from applications of Russian banks.

The same Trojan software is also relevant for other countries. So, the Asacub family of Trojans is the number one threat in Russia as well as in Tajikistan, Ukraine and Armenia. “In order to steal data from bank applications, mobile Trojans on top of their interfaces show their fake interfaces, where an unsuspecting user enters bank card data, allowing the Trojan author to illegally write off money. These malicious programs also intercept SMS from banks with confirmation codes or information about debiting funds,” the company says.

For ensuring protection against banking and other Trojans, experts advise downloading applications only from official stores, such as Google Play, and prohibit installing software from third-party sources in the device’s settings. They also advise not to forget to install system and application updates: they eliminate the vulnerabilities that cyber criminals use.

It is recommended not to click on suspicious links of email, SMS, instant messengers and social networks and provide applications with only those permissions that are really needed for their work. You should use a reliable antivirus on your mobile device and check the system regularly. -0--

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