ARKA News Agency Turns 24!

01.05.2020 10:51
ARKA News Agency Turns 24!

Today, ARKA News Agency celebrates its 24th birthday. Let's say at once that this time we have to celebrate our holiday unusually - in self-isolation. But a year earlier, no one could even imagine that the WHO would declare a pandemic because of a new coronavirus, and that the word “pandemic” itself would become the most popular on the planet. No one could even imagine that humanity would be faced with a choice: either to save ourselves, self-isolating and working at a distance (where it is possible), and fail the economy with all the ensuing consequences, or cancel quarantine, return to work, develop collective immunity, and then – just a luck of the draw. Well! We all understand that a tough time has come and that we will have to live with this for a long time. We also realized that we really need each other. It is already obvious that when all this is over, the world will become different, and in this changed world, only those who have not despaired and managed to survive can be successful, as well as those who will certainly tell about it in their stories.
ARKA News Agency Staff

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