Armenian central bank condemns unauthorized rally and provocative statements made by its participants

12.05.2020 18:24
Armenian central bank condemns unauthorized rally and provocative statements made  by its participants

YEREVAN, May 12. /ARKA/. Armenia's Central Bank has strictly condemned today a protest action planned and led by citizen Manvel Manukyan and his supporters in front of its building, warning that it will ask the authorities to hold the citizen accountable for unlawful public action aimed at violating public order, as well as for provocative statements.

Manukyan and a group of citizens were protesting against high interest rates set by credit organizations. They demanded a meeting with a Central Bank official. The tension heightened when the police took Manvel Manukyan, and several others to the police station.

The Central Bank said in a statement that it was willing to listen to Manukyan and if necessary, to provide clarifications. However, the proposal was rejected by the protested who demanded a meeting with Central Bank official in the street, 'which in the face of such provocative and intolerant behavior could cause undesirable consequences.”

The Central Bank added that the unauthorized rally in front of the Central Bank building was accompanied by blatant provocative actions aimed at disrupting public order and obstructing the normal functioning of the Central Bank.

It said Manukyan and his supporters repeatedly voiced provocative statements and appeals based on inaccurate information, articulating also insulting expressions against employees of the Central Bank and the financial system.

The regulator said also that under the guise of fighting against the credit policy of financial organizations, the protesters voiced statements and appeals that are not true and openly mislead citizens, which were creating an emotional background, provoking some citizens to voice calls for violence.

"The financial system of Armenia has been and remains stable, having more than once demonstrated its high resistance to critical situations. The financial system of Armenia adheres to its principle of not succumbing to such provocations and will continue to implement the functions assigned to it by the legislation of Armenia," the regulator said. -0-

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