Pashinyan introduces new chairman to central bank’s staff

15.06.2020 15:51
Pashinyan introduces new chairman to central bank’s staff

YEREVAN, June 15. /ARKA/. On Monday, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan introduced the central bank’s new chairman Martin Galstyan to the central bank staff.

Pashinyan thanked the former head of the central bank, Arthur Javadyan, for his personal contribution and the work carried out in this post and congratulated Galstyan on taking office.
Pashinyan noted that Galstyan has long been working in the banking system and, in particular, the central bank.

“Over the past two years, I have been closely interacting with representatives of the central bank and I can say that a good core and a team have formed here that work on the stability of our banking system,” the prime minister said.

He called it obvious that, regardless of all criticism, the banking system is the most important achievement of the Third Republic of Armenia.

"The banking system of the republic is successful and stable, and the way the financial and banking system has manifested itself in a number of crisis situations and political upheavals, including during the velvet revolution, and also now, during the crisis associated with coronavirus, is the best proof, ” Pashinyan said.

He noted that the ongoing change is important in that it provides a certain inheritance in the activities of the central bank, but on the other hand, it also symbolizes the course of development and the importance of subsequent reforms and changes without breaking stability.

Pashinyan expressed hope that the activities of Galstyan as the head of the central bank will open a new page and it will be based on the best experience of previous activities and it will also bring new experience, new successes and increase confidence in the banking and financial system.

For his part, the former head of the central bank Arthur Javadyan expressed gratitude for such a high assessment of the modest contribution of the team and expressed confidence that heredity would be ensured, especially since there is a high professional team that will be able to ensure both price stability in the country and create a stable macroeconomic atmosphere in the context of the coronavirus crisis for economic development.

“The position of the head of the central bank is one of the most important, and having sufficient experience and knowledge and being part of this team, Galstyan will be able to solve the tasks assigned to this institute together with the team,” Javadyan said.

In turn, Galstyan, thanking Pashinyan for the high appreciation of the central bank team, assured that it was planned to continue consistent work and deepen cooperation with the government.
He emphasized that all efforts will be made to maintain macroeconomic stability in the country so that the government, relying on it, will be able to implement its economic programs.

Martin Galstyan was elected as chairman of the central bank at a meeting of the National Assembly on April 17, 2020. Previously, he was a member of the central bank board (since 2018). --0--

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