Araratbank rebrands unveiling new concept, new approaches and new colors

26.09.2020 20:47
Araratbank rebrands unveiling new concept, new approaches and new colors

YEREVAN, September 26. /ARKA/. Climbing atop the Mount Teghenis on September 24, top managers and staff members of Araratbank announced the official start of the bank's rebranding process. Choosing the top of Mount Teghenis was not accidental, since important symbols of all Armenians can be seen from there: the four peaks of Mount Aragats, the Geghama Mountain Range, Mount Ararat and Mount Ara, the bank said in a press release.

Welcoming the participants of the ascent in this special environment, Araratbank CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board Mher Ananyan  said that from today Araratbank will present itself in new colors, with conceptual changes, new strategies and approaches, remaining true to its noble name 'ARARAT'.

“Today, together with you, we are announcing the start of a new process of  transformation and rethinking of our goals, values ​​and approaches. Today, announcing the rebranding of Araratbank, we take on a new responsibility. By providing modern services, offering advanced digital technologies and new approaches to our clients, we strive to become an human-centered bank," Ananyan said.

Araratbank Chairman of Board of Directors Grigor Hovhannisyan said for his part that the Bank has developed a new vision of  development, based on the importance of modern technologies and rapidly developing digital banking, which will be reflected in its further activities.

“Traditional ideas about banks are in the past: now there is an opportunity to develop together, and the main thing now is the mutual trust. It all starts with an idea and the secret to the success of any idea is basically Thinking Big. We shouldn't think about trifles: let's be realistic and do the impossible,” he said.

Then Mher Ananyan and Grigor Hovhannisyan, in the presence of guests and the bank's team, raised the Araratbank flag in updated colors at the top of Teghenis as a sign of the start of a new stage in the history of the bank.

The cycle of the bank's rebranding events continued in the conference hall of the Ararat Resort Hotel in Tsakhkadzor with a discussion in the Fishbowl format on the topic "Mutual trust and responsibility are the main values ​​of a modern bank."

A new vision of Araratbank's development was presented to those present - representatives of the financial sector, international organizations, the banking system, the media and the Araratbank team. The participants discussed the specifics of modern banking services in Armenia, the prospects for their development, risks and management models, the impact of innovative technologies on the banking system, as well as such important topics as mutual trust and accountability in bank-client relations.

In his speech, Mher Ananyan noted that the ideology of “Rising Together” is the basis of trusting and strong relationships between bank-client, bank-employee, bank-state and partner-bank; this is not only a slogan, but also a philosophy, a way of life and a way of thinking...

“We want to lay the foundations for a new banking culture in Armenia. From the point of view of cooperation, if you need a reliable environment, then the bank is exactly that structure, if you want to develop, move forward, then the bank is exactly that structure, if you need promising work, a motivated team, then the bank is exactly that structure, if you need a reliable partner to reach the new heights, then the bank is just that structure. Banks are the most important institutions of any state, since they are the driving force behind financial stability, economic development, and the implementation of financial and credit policy. The bank is the structure through which thought and idea become reality. We have already taken the first step and will continue to rise, involving everyone in our unity,” added Mher Ananyan.

Grigor Hovhannisyan noted in turn that the health of the financial sector contributes to the development of each of us saying also that it is important to be guided by the requirements and challenges of new banks.

“Our bank will become an institution that will actively introduce the latest technologies and follow global trends. And these are eco-efficient financial solutions based on eco-responsibility. In this context, a traditional bank becomes a green bank, focusing on people and the planet,” Hovhannisyan said.

The Fishbowl-discussion ended with a speech by Karen Babajanyan, a member of the Araratbank Board of Directors and co-founder of Braind company, who presented in detail the concept of Araratbank rebranding and visual changes.

“Ararat is advice to each of us: how to realize our ideas and dreams, to make the impossible possible. In terms of visualization, the new bank logo, executed in a minimalist style, symbolizes Mount Ararat, which is depicted as a symbol of two rising columns. We chose black and yellow as the colors of the new brand: black conveys balance and density, and yellow symbolizes light, lightness, movement and dynamics,” he said.

At the end of the event, the guests were presented with a new image video of Araratbank and the full slogan: “Each of us in life has our own Ararat, which must be climbed. Let's climb together. "

Araratbank OJSC founded in 1991  is one of the leaders in Armenia's  banking system, providing the latest and highest quality banking services to both individuals and legal entities, applying the latest technologies to develop banking services and creating a special business culture in bank-client relations .-0-.

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