Statement on Artsakh war can open Turkey's ports and Azerbaijan's market for Armenia

30.11.2020 16:06
Statement on Artsakh war can open Turkey's ports and Azerbaijan's market for Armenia

YEREVAN, November 30. /ARKA/. Vahan Kerobyan, newly appointed minister of economy of Armenia, who is founder of Menu Group food delivery service, outlined the opportunities that the domestic economy will receive as a result of unblocking transport communications in the region, according to a statement on Artsakh dated November 9.

In an interview with the Public Television of Armenia, Kerobyan pointed out in the long term the possibilities to use the ports of Turkey and, possibly, the Azerbaijani market.

"Of course, open borders are very good for the economy, because as a result of competition, better products are created, that is, our economy can reach the world level in quality. If cheap and high-quality products are imported into the country, then our local producer is forced to become better," the minister said in his televised interview.

He spoke about the decision taken during the war that from January 1, 2020 the import of Turkish products will be banned - we are talking about 2,200 items of goods. As a result, a niche of about $ 200 million will be vacated on the Armenian market.

"I urge businessmen to take this list, see what opportunities it provides and make sure that similar Armenian-made goods appear on store shelves from January 1," Kerobyan said.

According to him, this is a good opportunity in the short term, and in the long term, the opening of the borders will provide ample opportunities.

"For example, our exporters will be able to deliver their products to Russia and other countries in more convenient ways than now. Turkish ports will be opened, many more opportunities will appear. Perhaps, the Azerbaijani market for our goods and our market for Azerbaijan will open," he said.

Therefore, in his words, Armenia will need many people with good knowledge, who will be able to take advantage of these opportunities.

"We are going to develop a program that will allow us to use all the opportunities that will be provided by unblocking communications in the region," Kerobyan said.

Among the promising sectors of Armenia, the minister singled out agriculture (consolidation of small farms, the placement of factories and hotels in villages), IT, tourism, industry and construction.

He added that he plans to achieve double-digit growth of the Armenian economy in 2021, however refraining from naming specific figures.

About Artsakh War

From September 27 to November 9, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, with the participation of Turkey and foreign mercenaries and terrorists recruited by it, carried out aggression against Artsakh at the frontline and in the rear using rocket and artillery weapons, heavy armored vehicles, military aircraft and prohibited types of weapons (cluster bombs, phosphorus weapons). The strikes were delivered also at civil and military targets on the territory of Armenia.

On November 9, the leaders of the Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia signed a statement on the cessation of all hostilities in Artsakh. According to the document, the parties stop at their positions. The city of Shushi, Agdam, Kelbajar and Lachin regions pass over to Azerbaijan, with the exception of a 5-kilometer corridor connecting Karabakh with Armenia. A Russian peacekeeping contingent will be deployed along the contact line in Karabakh and along the Lachin corridor. Internally displaced persons and refugees are returning to Karabakh and adjacent regions, prisoners of war, hostages and other detained persons and bodies of the dead are exchanged. -0-

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