Armenia’s budget deficit in 2021 may be less than projected

15.12.2020 17:04
Armenia’s budget deficit in 2021 may be less than projected

YEREVAN, December 15. /ARKA/. Armenia’s budget deficit will be about 300 billion drams in 2021, however, it may be less than projected, Armenian Economy Minister Vahan Kerobyan said yesterday in an interview with Azatutyun Radio.

"I believe that we will get by with less, because my plan is higher economic growth than the budget has planned. And, of course, as a businessman, I also see a place to optimize resources in my department, and
I think that we will be able to do with less," he said in his televised interview.

Kerobyan stressed that there are three options for financing this deficit: domestic or foreign debt, privatization of state property and quantitative easing, which is rather a monetary instrument.

“We will see which of the tools is more effective,” he added.

In the government budget of Armenia for 2021, the revenue is projected at 1 trillion 509 billion drams, expenditure at 1 trillion 850 billion drams and deficit at 341 billion drams (5.3% of GDP). Economic growth is predicted at 3.2% and inflation at 4% (± 1.5%). ($ 1 – AMD 522.46). -0-

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