VTB Bank (Armenia) launches new service for payment of money transfers effected in foreign currency in armenian drams

28.01.2021 17:53
VTB Bank (Armenia) launches new service for payment of money transfers effected in foreign currency in armenian drams

YEREVAN, January 28. /ARKA/. VTB Bank (Armenia), one of the leading banks in the country in terms of the amount of effected money transfers, provides its clients with a string of opportunities to make international money transfers, the press service of the bank said in a press release.

The bank effects fast money transfers through 6 systems: MoneyGram, Unistream, IntelExpress, BEST, Conversе Transfer and Telcell.

As part of its policy of upgrading terms of customer service to make them as convenient as possible, VTB Bank (Armenia) has launched a new service for payment of foreign currency transfers to clients made via the Intel Express system in Armenian drams.

This service allows making money transfers via IntelExpress system in foreign currency from abroad and paying the funds in AMD. For this, the sender, when making the money transfer, has only to indicate that the payment should be made in AMD.

For IntelExpress money transfers from Georgia, senders may make the money transfers in Georgian's national currency or in Armenian drams, thereby giving the recipient the opportunity to receive the transfer amount in AMD.

Due to the above possibilities, when making a money transfer, the sender is notified of the equivalent amount in AMD to be paid to the recipient, which is calculated at the internal rate of the system in effect at the time of the money transfer.

The commission for the money transfer is from 1 to 3% (depending on the country of the sender). The IntelExpress system of fast money transfers allows the client to send money to more than 44 countries as quickly and reliably as possible within 10 minutes.

In order to ensure maximum comfort for its customers, VTB Bank (Armenia) continues to improve its remote services and provides customers with the opportunity to receive money transfers to the their bank's cards through various payment systems without having to visit a bank branch, through one of the following remote channels:

• by filling out a short online application on the Bank's website at the following link: https://www.vtb.am/ru/online-request/#privType-6

• by calling the Bank's Contact Center at 87-87

• by ordering a call back on the Bank's website

• using the Video Bank service

• using Telcell payment terms

• by sending an application through the Mobile / Internet banking application.

For customers who regularly receive money transfers, VTB Bank (Armenia) offers a special VTB-Transfer card, which also gives customers the opportunity to convert the amounts of money transfers at a preferential rate at the time the money transfer is effected, to free cash out the amount transferred in AMD from the bank's ATMs, and to receive the amount free of charge in cash in foreign currency at the branches of the bank, as well as the possibility of obtaining a credit line up to 1 million drams.

Detailed information on the bank's money transfer systems can be found at https://www.vtb.am/ru/transfers, at the bank's branches or by calling the Bank's Contact Center at 87-87.

The bank is controlled by the Central Bank of Armenia.

CJSC VTB Bank (Armenia) became a member of the international financial group VTB in April 2004. At present, PJSC VTB Bank, the second largest in Russia, owns 100% of the shares of VTB Bank (Armenia). -0-

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