Armenia's public debt grows by $56.391 million to about $8.02 billion

09.03.2021 18:53
Armenia's public debt grows by $56.391 million to about $8.02 billion

YEREVAN, March 9. /ARKA/. Armenia's overall public debt as of January 31, 2021 stood at $8,024.878 billion, an increase of $56.391 million compared to December 31, 2020, according to the numbers, released today by the National Statistical Committee (NSC).

It said calculated in Armenian national currency, the dram, the country's public debt decreased by 5.198 billion drams from the previous month to 4 trillion 159 billion drams.

According to official data, about $6.06 billion of that amount was external debt, which has grown by $15.265 million from December, 2020, while the domestic debt in January 2021 increased by $41.126 million to $1,956.466 billion.

In Armenian drams,  it decreased by 18, 237.9 billion drams to 3 trillion 145 billion drams as of January 31, 2021, while the domestic debt increased by 13 billion drams to 1,013,977.4 trillion drams.

According to NSC, the government's external debt decreased by $24.454 million to $5,568.748 billion in January 2021. Calculated in Armenian drams, the debt decreased by 36, 836.3 billion drams to 2 trillion 886 billion drams. The Central Bank's debt  increased by $39.719 million to $499.664 million.

About  $1,876.199 billion of the debt (an increase of $41.426 million from the previous month) were owed to resident holders of government bonds. The debt to holders of government bonds in foreign currency stood at $80.267 million (a decrease of $0.3 million).  ($1 - 525.46 drams). –0--

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