Apricot dream: Acba bank is financing creation of intensive apricot orchard (video)

23.03.2021 22:12
Apricot dream: Acba bank is financing creation of intensive apricot orchard (video)

YEREVAN, March 23. /ARKA/. The Acba bank is financing the creation of the largest intensive apricot orchard in Armenia, the press service of the bank reported.

With enthusiasm and big plans ... In three or four years, the rocky territory has become available for intensive agriculture and began to bear fruit.

The largest intensive apricot orchard in Armenia has been created in the Artamet community. The decision was made five years ago, the orchard was designed, and the Armenian apricot dream was realized.

In one hour, 1500-2000 apricot trees are planted instead of 150-200. In three years, 1,000 tons of Armenian apricot of shalakh variety will be harvested from an area of​​40 hectares, and in five years - 2,000 tons. The future of the Armenian apricot is being created here.

“It was a semi-desert, semi-rocky place. There is nothing that is impossible: water can be extracted from a stone if there is will and inspiration. Intensive agriculture in Armenia has great prospects. In this way, yields increase, risks, costs and profitability become manageable.

The project is financed by Acba bank. We are working with colleagues from Acba to make financial modeling more project-based. And with financing from ACBA Leasing, we purchased equipment. Constant cooperation will deepen and projects will increase,”said Karen Baghdasaryan, co-owner of the intensive garden. -0-

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