Armenian parliament raises fines imposed on banks for violating customers' rights

24.03.2021 15:09
Armenian parliament raises fines imposed on banks for violating customers' rights

YEREVAN, March 24. /ARКА/. The Armenian parliament has passed today in the second and final reading a bill that raises the amount of fines that may be imposed on commercial banks for violating consumer rights.

Artak Manukyan, an MP from the ruling My Step bloc, a co-author of the bill, said the amount of fine for the first violation within a year has been raised up to 500 thousand drams, but not less than 300 thousand drams.

In case of a second violation the fine rises up to 1 million drams, but not less than 500 thousand drams, and a third violation within a year would entail a fine of up to 2 million, but not less than 1 million drams.

Under the current law, the Central Bank may fine a commercial bank for violating a consumer's rights in the amount of 100,000 drams for a repeated violation within one year and only after issuing a warning. The fine for another violation is 200 thousand drams, and for the third one is 500 thousand drams.

According to Manukyan, the amount of fine that may be imposed by the financial ombudsperson on a bank for violating consumer's right is 300 thousand drams, which are given to the affected client in case he/she is right.

The amount of administrative punishment that the regulator imposes on a bank is 100 thousand drams, which are transferred to the state budget.

According to the Central Bank, it resorts to such measures 4 times a year, as it tries to apply preventive measures. ($1 - 528.12 drams) - 0--

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