Armenia-based commercial banks paid 12.15 billion drams in taxes in Q 1, 2021

16.04.2021 16:07
Armenia-based commercial banks paid 12.15 billion drams in taxes in Q 1, 2021

YEREVAN, April 16. /ARKA/. The list of Armenia's 1000 largest corporate taxpayers in the first quarter of 2021 includes all 17 Armenia-based commercial banks, which paid over 12.149 billion drams in various taxes, according to the numbers, released by the State Revenue Committee (SRC).

Of that amount about 12.056 billion drams were collected by tax authorities and about 93 million drams by customs authorities.

According to the State Revenue Office, about 3 billion were collected as tax on profits, more than 6.8 billion drams as income tax, 1.105 billion drams as VAT and 1.248 billion drams as other taxes and duties.

The five top banks by size of paid taxes were Acba bank - almost 1.738 billion drams (17th place in the list of 1000 largest taxpayers), Ameriabank - 1.46 billion drams (20th), Armbusinessbank - 1.276 billion drams (24th place), Ardshinbank - 1.029 billion drams (39th place) and Armeconombank - 982.4 million drams (45th place).

The list of first hundred largest taxpayers includes also Inecobank - 869.6 million drams (50th place), VTB Bank (Armenia) - 791.7 million drams (58th place), Araratbank - 776.6 million drams (60th place), Converse Bank - 719.5 million drams (66th place), Unibank - more than 605.9 million drams (83rd place), HSBC Bank Armenia - almost 575 million drams (91st place), ArmSwissBank - 543.4 million drams (95th place).

IDBank paid 361.9 million drams (137th place), Byblos Bank Armenia - 159.35 million drams (296th place), Evocabank - 131.9 million drams (352nd place), Mellat Bank - 71.6 million drams (642nd place), Artsakhbank (central branch) - 51.7 million drams (820th place). The Central Bank of Armenia paid 473.8 million drams.

The State Revenue Committee said it used a new methodology for calculating taxes in accordance with the decision of the Government of Armenia dated December 24, 2020.

In general, the 1000 largest taxpayers paid  more than 260.17 billion drams in various taxes in the first quarter of 2021.

The list is topped by Gazprom-Armenia, which paid 18.7 billion drams. The second is the Ministry of Defense - 15.05 billion drams, followed by the Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Combine with 9.77 billion drams of paid n taxes. ($1 - 521.2 drams). --0--

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