Aznavour's birthday anniversary - with the 5th book and new projects

25.05.2021 13:26
Aznavour's birthday anniversary - with the 5th book and new projects

YEREVAN, May 25. /ARKA/. On the occasion of the 97th birth anniversary of the great Armenian Charles Aznavour, Newmag and Amundi-Acba presented the first and only literary work by the chansonnier - a collection of short stories  'Mon Père, ce géant ' (My Father, this Giant) in the Armenian language, Acba bank reported.

Sixteen short stories with subtle humor, vivid imagination and philosophy of happiness. All the stories have been translated into Armenian for the first time.

Of the 1,300 songs of the great singer, very few have been translated into Armenian. The translator of the collection of stories ' Mon Père, ce géant.' had translated Aznavour's work "Reste" (Stay, Mna) into Armenian back in the 90s.

Thanks to Newmag publication, Armenia TV company and the support of Amundi-ACBA Asset Management, it is now presented in Armenian. A touching song with French elegance and Armenian sound was performed by Erik Karapetyan.

The main partner of Aznavour's literary cycle and music project is Amundi-ACBA Asset Management. According to Deputy Executive Director of the company Hrayr Aslanyan, the partnership began three years ago and will last for another three years.

"Since the founding of Amundi-ACBA Asset Management, the strengthening and development of Armenian-French cultural ties has been the focus of the company. This day is proof of what I have said. In cooperation with Newmag, we have already contributed to the translation of the books by the great Armenian Charles Aznavour, and now with great joy we decided to support the presentation of Aznavour's songs in Armenian. We are sure that "Reste" will soon become one of the best songs of its time, bringing a new breath to Armenian music. This event is another tribute to the memory of the great Armenian Charles Aznavour," Aslanyan said...

According to the director of the Newmag publishing house Artak Aleksanyan, Aznavour would say that he liked when his songs were performed, but he didn't like to be obliged.

"And the philosophy underlying the new arrangement of the song should have been inspired by Aznavour to convey the spirit, but not to oblige. I think that Martin's musical taste, Erik's musical ability and ambition of both have yielded a good result that will add to our musical treasury," noted Aleksanyan.

The musical project of Newmag began with the song "Reste" and will continue with other well-known and not very often performed songs of Aznavour.

Until the 100th anniversary of the chansonnier Newmag promises to translate and publish in Armenian not only all of Aznavour's literary heritage, his songs will be performed in Armenian with a new arrangement and new music videos will be shot. -0-

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