VTB Bank (Armenia) congratulates students on Day of Knowledge

01.09.2021 13:18
VTB Bank (Armenia) congratulates students on Day of Knowledge

YEREVAN, September 1. /ARKA/. VTB Bank (Armenia) has congratulated today all school and university students on the Day of Knowledge, marked on September 1, which is also the beginning of the academic year.
‘Ahead is a year filled with successes, joys, worries and serious studies!,’ the bank said in a press release.
‘Educated young people are the future of our country. VTB Bank (Armenia) helps the young people express themselves and take the first step into professional life, periodically organizing trainings, seminars, master classes, interactive events for students of numerous universities, laying the foundation for future success and achievements. Internship at the Bank allows students to acquire key skills and competencies that help them in their further career development,’ according to the press release.
VTB Bank (Armenia) offers students various banking products, supporting the education and the implementation of new ideas and projects by the young people.
The bank, together with Visa international payment system, offers students of secondary and higher educational institutions iStudent banking cards. The iStudent card is a multicurrency international card with an exclusive design, which is issued free of charge, serviced at special rates and allows its holder to store money in four currencies at the same time.
With the iStudent card, students can carry out intrabank and interbank money transfers, pay for goods and services in Armenia and abroad, and what is especially important - the card allows making online purchases with the protected modern security system 3D Secure.
The use of payment cards is an excellent opportunity to instill financial literacy in young people, develop banking service skills, and a responsible attitude to money. A payment card is a convenient and safe alternative to cash, which provides an opportunity to carry out various banking operations through payment terminals Telcell, EasyPay, Idram, Mobidram, in accordance with the current tariffs of VTB Bank (Armenia).
The iStudent card includes a pass feature for students entering the campus. With the iStudent card, cardholders can participate in various marketing campaigns, contests and events organized by the Bank.
VTB Bank (Armenia) expands educational opportunities and offers student loans to pay tuition fees not only to local, but also international (foreign) educational institutions, various training courses. It offers also loans to pay for the study of children receiving paid education.
The loan is issued with an annual interest rate of 6% -16.5% (actual interest rate is 6.17% -24%) with a maturity from 3 months to 10 years. The minimum loan amount is 50 thousand and the maximum amount is 5 million AMD
VTB Bank (Armenia) wishes everyone a good and fruitful academic year, high achievements, new discoveries and the realization of the goals!
Detailed information on the iStudent payment card can be obtained on the official website of the Bank at: //www.vtb.am/ru/card-view/kid-teen-ew-istudent-vcharayin-k-arter#card-3#, information about student loans – at https://www.vtb.am/ru/credits#sparhoghakan-varker#, as well as at its branches or by calling the Contact Center at 87-87.
The activities of VTB Bank (Armenia) CJSC are regulated by the Central Bank of Armenia. -0--

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