Attacks of cryptominers against users in Armenia drop to 0.73% in second quarter of 2021

23.09.2021 14:09
Attacks of cryptominers against users in Armenia drop to 0.73% in second quarter of 2021

YEREVAN, September 23. /ARKA/. In the second quarter of 2021, some 0.73% of users' computers in Armenia were attacked by hidden cryptominers, 0.38% in Georgia and 1.21% in Azerbaijan. In terms of such attacks Azerbaijan ranked 9th in the world.

Hidden cryptominers attacked 1.35% of computer users in Armenia in April-June 2020. In Georgia the figure was 1.23%, and in Azerbaijan - 1.26%, according to a study by Kaspersky Lab.

According to it, hidden cryptominers in April-May this year most of all attacked users in Afghanistan (3.99%), Ethiopia (2.66%) and Rwanda (2.19%).

In the second quarter of 2021, the company's solutions discovered 31,443 new modifications of cryptominers, down from 3,672 in the same period in 2020.

Cybercriminals who make money on hidden cryptominers are increasingly targeting emerging markets. Cryptominers working on devices of home users and companies act as invisibly as possible. In order to protect against them, experts advise users not to open attachments in messages and letters from unknown senders, regularly back up all important files and update software on all their devices, as well as use special tools that automatically detect vulnerabilities, as well as download and install patches.

Companies need to download security solutions on all computers and servers, regularly audit the information security of the corporate network in order to detect anomalies, also for less obvious hacker purposes such as queue management systems, POS terminals and vending machines.

It is imperative to use robust security solutions with application management to track malicious activity in legitimate applications. To protect workstations and prevent employees from launching unwanted programs, companies should use the Default Deny technology. -0-

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