AraratBank marks its 30th anniversary and the 1st anniversary of its rebranding

04.10.2021 14:05
AraratBank marks its 30th anniversary and the 1st anniversary of its rebranding

YEREVAN, October 4, /ARKA/ On October 2, AraratBank celebrated its 30th anniversary and the 1st anniversary of its rebranding, opting for a team-building format.

“Giving preference to a team-building format was not accidental. With this event, we aim to ensure that our employees feel confident about their strengths and believe that success lies in collective efforts, and that a successful teamwork equally depends on each of them, regardless of the task complexity.

Besides, team building gives your employees a chance to socialize and get to know one another, which is equally important for further working relationships,” commented Mher Ananyan, Chairman of the Executive Board of AraratBank.

"Team building fosters a spirit of teamwork amongst employees, brings them together around a common goal. It is highly important that each employee has a clear sense of belonging to the team, and no matter what positions and ranks they hold, they all work and create on equal footing, during which new individuals, new managers or leaders are likely to come forward and either weak or strong points of teamwork are to be identified,” said Shushan Arakelyan, Head of the Human Resource Management Department of AraratBank.

"During the rebranding event hosted last year, we announced the launch of rebranding of branches. I am happy to say that we have met our targets for the year, and 23 branches have been rebranded so far. Moreover, 9 more branches are planned to be rebranded by the end of the year. 60 automatic teller machines and payment terminals have been also rebranded.

I find it important to mention that the rebranding process implies not only external visual changes, but also increased efficiency of internal work processes, customer-centric service, staff training, as well as opportunities to generate and pursue new ideas,” said Suren Babajanyan, Head of Marketing and Banking Services Sales Department of Araratbank.  -0-

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