Acba digital platform of Acba bank replenished with four new features (video)

10.12.2021 18:57
Acba digital platform of Acba bank replenished with four new features (video)

YEREVAN, December 10. /ARKA/. Acba bank keeps on elaborating its acba digital platform. The bank's press service said today that the platform’s new tool - acba share - has been enriched with four new features. From now on clients will not face any difficulties while using banking services: everything will be done from their smartphone in few minutes.

1. Money transfers via ATM

From now on cash can be withdrawn from Acba bank's ATMs not only with bank card and NFC, but also with a code generated by acba digital platform. This feature can also be used for making money transfers within Armenia. The user generates a code through acba digital platform and sends it to the person who is to withdraw cash. By approaching an ATM and entering the code the user will cash out the funds.

The ATM transfer tool is provided for cases when, for example, the bank card is not in the possession of the client, but the amount needs to be cashed out. The only thing to do is to approach a bank's ATM, generate a code through acba digital and cash out the amount. This  digital tool can be used 24/7 by physical persons and legal entities who are users of the acba digital platform.

2. Money transfers by contact

Users of acba digital can make money transfers in the acba ecosystem via phone number or e-mail. When specifying a phone number or an email address through the acba digital platform, the system displays the data of the recipient of the amount, after which it is only necessary to specify the amount and accumulate the transfer.

3. Money transfers by QR code

By means of acba digital a QR code is generated, after which it is only necessary to scan it in order to receive or transfer the amount. On acba digital platform it is necessary to specify the size of the amount and select the account number to which the amount should be transferred. The system will display a QR code. It is necessary to send it to the recipient. The latter, by selecting the option "Transfer by QR code" on the acba digital platform, scans the code and transfers the amount.

4. Money transfers by  link

The first and the only in Armenia: acba presents the trendiest option for receiving a money transfer. By means of acba digital it is necessary to mark the amount of the sum, the purpose, after which the system will provide a link which can be sent by any application or SMS. The recipient of the link will see the request for the amount. After reading, the latter will enter the data and the amount will be transferred in seconds.

This digital tool is convenient for freelancers who have previously had problems receiving sums from their customers from abroad. The link money transfer is also for charities to raise funds.

"We are discovering and introducing new digital tools that don't exist in the digital space. We have created a new and modern toolkit that solves many problems existing in today's financial market," said Artur Karchikyan, Head of Remote and Digital Banking Services at Acba bank.

The details about these new digital tools are available on acba digital website.

The bank is controlled by the Central Bank of Armenia. -0-

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