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    NSC: Armenia’s aggregate national debt stood at $9.1 billion in late November, 2021

    Wednesday, January 12th, 2022

    YEREVAN, Jan. 12. /ARKA/. Armenia’s aggregate national debt as of November 30, 2021 stood at $9.159.275 billion, having decreased by $49.940 million from October 30, 2021, according to the country’s National Statistical Committee (NSC). In late December 2020, the country’s national debt stood at $7.968.486 billion.

    The national debt in dram equivalent grew by 49.962.3 billion from October, 2021 to 4 trillion 450 billion drams as of November 30, 2021.

    Armenia’s foreign debt dropped by $56.2 million in one month to $6.650.584 billion in late November 2021, while the domestic debt increased by $6.262 million to $2.508.692 billion. In dram equivalent, the external debt rose by 26.750.3 billion to 3 trillion 231 billion drams, while the domestic debt increased by 23.212.0 billion drams to 1 trillion 218 billion drams.

    The government’s external debt decreased by $48.191 million to $6.184.311 billion as of November 2021. In dram equivalent it increased by 26.819.8 billion and reached 3.004 trillion. The Central Bank’s debt decreased by $8.011 million to $466.273 million.

    Of the domestic debt about $2.345.336 billion were owed to resident holders of government bonds (a decrease of $13.006 mln from the previous month). Also, some $154.004 million were owed to holders of foreign-currency denominated government bonds (increase of $18.445 mln).

    Armenian Minister of Finance Tigran Khachatryan said in October 2021 that Armenia’s national debt was supposed to grow to 4 trillion 740 billion drams in late 2022 or 60.2% of GDP. According to him, the foreign debt will make 69% of the total national debt by the end of 2022. Some 51.1% of the national debt will be financed by foreign loans, 30.1% by state and treasury bonds and 18.7% by foreign currency bonds. -0-