Surgeon and economist start a new business (video)

21.01.2022 22:43
Surgeon and economist start a new business (video)

YEREVAN, January 21. /ARKA/. For two friends -Sevak Shahbazyan and Armen Hovhannisyan- agriculture is a new field of activity. Sevak is Yerevan’s chief surgeon, Armen is an economist. They have decided to combine their skills, forces and try themselves in a new field, the press service of ACBA-bank said.

Sevak and Armen have built a hydroponic greenhouse on 5000 square meters of land in the village of Hovtashat, Ararat province and have started growing European varieties of tomatoes.

The field is completely new to them; therefore, there were many problems and difficulties. From day one ACBA Leasing, the partner of the two friends, believed in their idea of creating a greenhouse. It not only provided finance for the creation of the greenhouse, but also provided professional advice.

Now the yield of the greenhouse is 40-45 tons per year. The target for six months has been achieved. So far, the products are sold only in the domestic market, but in the near future, after the production volume increases, the friends plan to start exports. A new, more innovative and technologically advanced greenhouse is already under construction next to the current one.

Sevak and Armen know that in order to achieve success, they need to work hard every day.

"We were able to build this greenhouse with the help of our dear partner ACBA Leasing and under the state subsidy program. I want to acknowledge the help of the guys and ACBA Leasing, who were there for us the whole time, even during and after construction. I absolutely love medicine and surgery and can't imagine my life without them, without the patients we treat and give life to. But there are also a lot of negative feelings: healthy people don't come to see doctor. The patients are full of their own problems and illnesses, and often you are struggling between life and death and the negative feelings stay with you. I tried to create a place to get rid of them and get instead positive ones, to recharge myself and be of service to my patients.

“In the end, one does not hinder the other, but helps it," says Shaq Shahbazyan, a co-founder of the greenhouse.

ACBA Leasing is controlled by the Central Bank of Armenia.

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