Armenia's equity market capitalization surges by 60% to AMD 256 bn

13.04.2022 17:35
Armenia's equity market capitalization surges by 60% to AMD 256 bn

YEREVAN, April 13, /ARKA/. The insights of the first quarter at Armenia Securities Exchange (AMX) have shown a surge of market and trade values of securities in comparison with the same quarter data in the last two years, AMX said in a press release today.

It said the trade value of the government bonds in Q1 made AMD 32 bn - 25% (2020) and 180% (2021) increase, respectively.  As many as 192 deals were executed with government bonds. Compared with the Q1, 2021 the market value surged 31%, passing AMD 1.2 bn threshold.

Corporate bonds show the same dynamic growth both in market value and trade value of securities compared to the indices of the last 2 years. Market value of the Q1 grew by 6%, reaching AMD 502 bn in comparison with the same period last year.

Trade value in Q1, 2022 exceeded twice the results of Q1, 2020 and 2021, reaching over AMD 19 bn.  The number of corporate bonds traded at AMX is 100.

The number of REPO agreements has increased, reaching AMD 10 bn. This index shows 42% growth as of Q1, 2021 and 59% as of Q1, 2020. 

The same increase in dynamics can be seen in equity data. Trade value in Q1, 2022 increased to AMD 105 mln, the market capitalization surged by 60%, reaching the total sum of  AMD 256 bn. The number of trades surged 6 times paralleled with Q1, 2021.  

Armenia Securities Exchange (AMX) is the only securities regulated market operator in Armenia. As an integrated exchange offering, AMX provides a full suite of services including listing, trading, clearing, information services and alternative market solutions. Investors receive a wide range of investment products and maximum transparency, together with the smooth and efficient execution and clearing of trade transactions. Being a 100% shareholder of the Central Depository of Armenia, AMX also provides integrated settlement solutions for both resident and non-resident clients by utilizing the central depository’s international settlement network and relationships with global depositories.  ($1 - 473.13 drams) -0-

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