Armenia-based banks paid 12.76 billion drams in taxes in quarter 1, 2022

19.04.2022 21:58
Armenia-based banks paid 12.76 billion drams in taxes in quarter 1, 2022

YEREVAN, April 19. /ARKA/. Sixteen of the 17 Armenia-based commercial banks are in the list of 1000 largest corporate taxpayers in the first quarter of 2022 having paid a total of 12.76 billion drams in taxes and duties, according to the State Revenue Committee.

Of that amount 12.7 billion drams were collected by tax authorities and about 91 million drams by customs bodies.

According to the State Revenue Committee, the banks paid 3.3 billion drams as profit tax, about 7.3 billion drams as income tax, about  666.6mln drams as VAT and about 1.4 billion drams as other taxes.

The leading five banks by size of paid taxes in the first quarter were Acba bank - about 1.7 bln AMD (24th in the list of 1000 taxpayers), Ameriabank - about 1.5bln AMD (25th), Armbusinessbank - over 1.4bln AMD (33rd), Inecobank - about 1.3bln AMD (40th) and  VTB Bank (Armenia) - over 1.1bln AMD (45th).

Ardshinbank paid  over 980.6 million drams (55th), Armeconombank - about 785.2 million drams (70th), Conversebank - about 679.6 million drams (84th), and ArmsSwissbank - about 628.1 million drams (93rd).

IDBank paid about AMD 557.2mln (104th), Araratbank - over AMD 518.9mln (111th), Unibank - about AMD 507mln (116th), HSBC Bank Armenia - over AMD 419.9mln (135th), Evocabank - about AMD 383.6mln (147th),  Byblos Bank Armenia- over AMD 170.8 million (321st) and Mellat Bank - about AMD 82.6mln (650th). Artsakhbank (central branch), which was in all previous lists of 1000 largest taxpayers, missed this year’s first quarter list. For comparison, in 2021, Artsakhbank (central branch)  paid about 232.7 million drams in taxes coming  888th.

The Central Bank of Armenia paid  more than 533.5 million drams in taxes. ($1 - 470.83 drams) -0-

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