Armenian banks 'take aboard' 16,000 non-resident clients

04.05.2022 13:25
Armenian banks 'take aboard' 16,000 non-resident clients

YEREVAN, May 4. /ARKA/. Armenian banks have currently about 16 thousand non-resident clients,  most of them are from the Russian Federation, who have moved their economic interests to Armenia, Chairman of the Central Bank Martin Galstyan told a Tuesday press conference.

"The Armenian banking system has "taken them aboard" and the center of economic interests of most of them has been moved to Armenia, at least for a short-term period," he said.

According to Galstyan, the banking sector follows internationally accepted rules of the game with regard to non-residents, who are under much stricter procedural oversight than local residents.

"The Armenian banking system in the current situation carries out a very correct work to comply with all international norms," he stressed.

At that, according to Galstyan, 16,000 non-resident clients mean 16,000 foreigners and not as many accounts, since one person can open up to three accounts on average.

Galstyan said also that the non-resident clients have more accounts in Russian rubles than in other currencies. -0-

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