Specialized Tesla electric car showroom opens in Armenia (VIDEO)

06.06.2022 23:17
Specialized Tesla electric car showroom opens in Armenia (VIDEO)

YEREVAN, June 6. /ARKA/. A specialized Tesla electric car showroom –Tesla Energy-has opened in Armenia offering smart, modern and desirable vehicles of all the models manufactured by the famous company.

The exclusive partner of Tesla Energy is ACBA Leasing, which offers purchase of cars on favorable terms. Thanks to ACBA Leasing individuals can make only a10% down payment, buy an electric car Tesla and pay the rest within 7 years. With AMD payments the annual interest rate for individual buyers starts at 11.5%.

Leasing is available also to legal entities in AMD, USD and EUR. In case of euro the annual interest rate starts from 2%.

"In order to develop innovative "green" technologies in Armenia, several years ago ACBA Leasing established "Green Leasing" sub-brand, one of the directions of which is to finance purchase of electric cars. Today with "Tesla Energy" company we are launching a campaign on financing purchase of electric cars on exceptional terms. In recent years ACBA Leasing has done an unprecedented job of popularizing electric cars in Armenia. During this period purchase of hundreds of electric cars has been financed by ACBA Leasing,’ said Aghasi Gasparyan, General Director of ACBA Leasing.

ACBA Leasing continues contributing to the development of electric car culture in Armenia. Green technologies are the future.

More information is in the video.

ACBA Leasing is controlled by the Central Bank of Armenia. -0-

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