Total deposits at Armenian banks nears 4.1 trillion drams 

08.07.2022 23:08
Total deposits at Armenian banks nears 4.1 trillion drams 

YEREVAN, July 8. /ARKA/. Total deposit at all 17Armenia-based commercial banks stood at about 4.07 trillion drams in late May, 2022, up from 3.91 trillion drams in late April, according to the National Statistical Committee.

Non-residents' deposits exceeded 909 million drams, up from 830.3mln drams in April, while residents' deposits exceeded 3.16 trillion drams, up from 3.08 trillion in April.

Out of resident deposits in drams totaling about 1.82 trillion drams, nearly 710bln were demand deposits and - about 1.11 trillion were time deposits.

Out of foreign currency deposits worth the equivalent of about 1.34 trillion, demand deposits (including accounts) totaled 559.7bln, and time deposits - about 780.9bln drams.

At the end of May 2022, deposits with Armenian banks totaled about 1. 9 billion, exceeding by 23. 9 mln or 1.3% the previous month's figure and by 171.1 billion or 10% the figure of the same period of 2021.

In May, the rate on commercial bank deposits was 8.46% (9.21% in April). ($1 - 409.38 drams) -0-

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