I hope I will walk again - Norayr Avagyan, participant of Shushi battle

30.09.2022 14:56
I hope I will walk again - Norayr Avagyan, participant of Shushi battle

YEREVAN, September 30. /ARKA/. Norayr Avagyan, a participant of the 44-day war (in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone in the autumn of 2020), volunteered to join the army in the first days of the war. The battle for Shushi was decisive. There he was wounded in the spine. Now Norayr is doing rehabilitation exercises at home with a MetaGait device.

MetaGait, a QaylTech's innovative simulator, helps restore mobility and creates a simulation of walking. With virtual reality glasses and specially designed games, a person is transported to a virtual reality where they can ski, run or walk. MetaGait was created with the support of Acba bank.

"I really want to walk again and live my dreams and goals for the future. I forget I'm not walking during the simulation, and an important feature of the MetaGait is that I can see my feet in motion, getting into skiing, then and there it feels like I'm feeling the cold. Going down a ravine with rocks ahead, turning left and right, very good for mobility. I feel more awake during workouts, the main thing is that my brain doesn't forget that it has this function. I hope to start walking again," says Norayr.

For his part, David Arsenyan, founder of QaylTech, noted that it was important that when working with people with disabilities, they learn lost functions.

"Now, when a disabled person uses a device for at least half an hour every day, he or she will not develop a number of diseases. With support from Acba bank, we were able to provide one of our boys with such a device. There is also the MetaGait app, which shows who walked what distance, how far and for how long. The doctor is able to keep track, recording what changes occur," Arsenyan said.

MetaGait helps prevent more than 30 diseases caused by low mobility. MetaGait is based on the idea of remote rehabilitation.

Acba bank is controlled by the Central Bank of Armenia. More in the video. -0-

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