Some 800 million drams refunded to Armenian pensioners as cashback

12.01.2023 16:27
Some 800 million drams refunded to Armenian pensioners as cashback

YEREVAN, January 12. /ARKA/. Some 800 million drams have been refunded to Armenian pensioners in the form of cashback for cashless payments made by their cards over the last six months.

"Some 44 million drams were refunded  in July, 74.4 million in August, 118.7 million in September, 152.3 million in October, 185.6 million in November and 226 million drams in December 2022," Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at the government session today.

He noted that refunds were given to 76 thousand pensioners, who used their cards to make purchases and pay utility bills. He added that the average amount of a cashback is 3.4 thousand drams (per month).

"It turns out that for 76,000 people we have increased pensions, on average, by another 3,400 drams," he said.

The government-designed scheme enabling pensioners to get cashback (no more than 5,000 drams a month) for cashless transactions was launched July 1, 2022.

Today this opportunity is available to senior customers of four Armenian banks - VTB Bank (Armenia), Ardshinbank, Armbusinessbank and Acba Bank. The government said earlier it will extend the scheme until June 30, 2023. ($1 - 395.96 AMD). --0—

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