Armenia's share in EDB capital grows to 4.2291%

17.01.2023 14:03
Armenia's share in EDB capital grows to 4.2291%

YEREVAN, January 17. /ARKA/. Armenia's share in the authorized capital of the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) has grown to 4.2291%, the press service of the financial institution announced following the decision of the Council on reallocation of the member states' shares.

According to an EDB press release, the reallocation of the authorized capital of the bank among the member states was unanimously approved by the Council of the EDB on December 30, 2022.

According to the EDB Charter, members of the Council had been awarded relevant powers and (or) decisions of governments to vote on this issue.

Part of Russian-owned shares- 321,151- in the paid-in share capital was evenly distributed among the other member states. As a result, the Russian Federation's share in the EDB is reduced from 65.9761% to 44.7878%.

As a result of redistribution, the shares of other member states in the paid-in authorized capital of the EDB are as follows: Republic of Kazakhstan - 37.2865%, Republic of Armenia - 4.2291%, Kyrgyz Republic - 4.2291%, Republic of Belarus - 5.2121%, Republic of Tajikistan - 4.2555%. -0-

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